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Welcome to Therapy Services with Dr. Dyck, Ph. D

Therapy Services with Dr. Dennis Dyck, Ph. D

About Dr. Dyck


Dr. Dyck is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and a longstanding 22 year member of Spokane’s psychological community.  Throughout this time he has been a Psychology Professor at Washington State University Spokane. Dr. Dyck’s formal training includes a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Fresno Pacific University, a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University, a Ph.D. degree in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma, and a post doctoral internship in Clinical Psychology from the University of Manitoba. He has over 40 years of experience as a teacher, mentor, researcher and clinician.


Dr. Dyck provides service to individuals, couples, and families. In addition to his training in working with individual adults, he has had specialized training and extensive experience in working with families and groups. He is well known for his work on family based treatment and has written over a 100 papers on topics such as depression, stress and health, and family based treatment for severe mental health problems and brain injury. Dr. Dyck brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about approaches that have evidence support from clinical research. With sensitivity and compassion, Dr. Dyck provides a collaborative problem solving approach in his work with individuals, couples and families. He supports his client’s self-awareness, integration and ability to make good life decisions. Dr. Dyck uses various approaches in his work including clinical consultation, cognitive behavioral therapy, relational mindfulness techniques, and Multiple Family Group Psychotherapy.


Credentials and Qualifications


American Psychological Association Member

Professor of Psychology, Washington State University Spokane

Lice # PY0001596, Washington State

I am in clinical practice to help people lead more fulfilled lives no matter what their age, health condition or unique circumstances. My goal is to help people become more aware of their strengths and potential. I also think it is important for people to be aware of their unique challenges and to develop the ability to deal with them effectively and make good life decisions. Important life choices are never easy, particularly as they often involve other people we care about.  I believe we are designed to live relationally. This is why I often work with couples and families.  As a therapist I work to help my clients move toward a more full and productive life.  I believe this is most likely to happen when body, mind and spirit are integrated.  My goal is for me to help my clients become more integrated and aware human beings. I use a variety of strategies to help people but foundational is the provision of a safe and supportive atmosphere for guided self-exploration and change.


I hope you find the information within this site,, to be informative and helpful.



Dr. Dennis Dyck, Ph.D

Spokane Washington  Clinical Psychologist
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